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Media Production


Have you found yourself stuck in a rut and not been able to find that perfect song for your graduation party or haven't found anyone to film your special wedding day? No worries, we've got you covered.

The same production team who instructs our courses are also, as you may already know, very skilled musicians and videographer's who can compose the perfect score or banging beat for your venue. 

Please reach out to us ASAP at if you find yourself needing this service. Exclusive compositions require planning, and time in order to execute the agreed upon creative vision successfully.

Free-Lance Photography Opportunities 

We always have free-lance photography opportunities at that we'd like you to consider. Each opportunity pay's per gig and we take a small percentage from the sale of each package to cover our administration costs.

If interested in receiving our updated Opportunity List, become an OringiWorld member and we will send you more details.

Behind the Scenes
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