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At the beginning of the year launched a brand new music-based service, providing a global digital distribution solution for musicians and content creators.

Along the way, we have kept tabs on the ever-changing global technological forefront, and are pleased to announce our newest partnership.

In alignment with the current global digital landscape, Oringi brand OringiWorld Global Digital Distribution has established a major collaborative project with Musicoin, the worlds first cryptocurrency blockchain backed by the resource of music!

This collaboration has introduced a growing number of musicians to cryptocurrency and is positioned to make a huge impact in the music industry.

With the industry solution that both & provide, artists will now receive the highest streaming royalty payout available.

These are exciting times for musicians and content creators as our organizations are set to deliver a series of digital solutions, including the highest pay-per-stream rate in the industry to artists globally, as well as a crypto-wallet where artists can receive tips from platform users in the form of cryptocurrency, amongst other offerings; entirely for free!

Make sure to follow our progress because you definitely don’t want to miss out on any growing developments as we advance our partnership.

If you have a music opportunity you’d like to be featured in the OringiWorld Newsletter or OringiWorld Artist Spotlight!, please email with your information and details about the artist or event.

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