KingFragg: My Draco

KingFragg - "My Draco"

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Written by - Mr. Oringi, February 06, 2019

When you say his name make sure that you put some respect on it; maybe even a crown.

What's up with the royal treatment? Why a crown you ask? Because Joshua McKinley, aka KingFragg, a rapper out of Convent, St. James Parish, Louisiana, has stepped into the game to take his throne.

Born at the Children's Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana, Fragg knew early on that music was a calling he would not be able to ignore.

"I started rapping when I was about nine. I got into it free-styling, and once I got a little better I started picking up that pencil" states Fragg, as he stands outside of Spuddy's, a well-known Cajun foods restaurant, located in nearby Vacherie.

In a town with a listed population of only 711 people, it is easy to realize how a bright, young child could begin to grow restless without too many extra-curricular activities to offer children.

"Spelling and English always seemed to be my favorite subjects" - KingFragg

Attending school and getting an education was paramount in KingFragg's life early on. "When you come from a small town where everyone knows everyone, it is good to know that you and your talents are being appreciated" Fragg says. Furthermore, Fragg shares his appreciation for the written arts. "Spelling and English always seemed to be my favorite subjects. I was into English and I liked adjectives, nouns, and verbs".

Music can be the only escape for many in the inner-city. KingFragg positively channeled his ability to see life different than most, and has begun to establish his kingdom worldwide.

With the recent release of his hit single "My Draco", KingFragg has quickly caught the attention of music industry influencer's and button-pushers.

When writing new material, KingFragg calls on his elementary school days, and pens his lyrics in a very specific manner, not immediately noticed by the average listener.

" I was into English and I liked adjectives, nouns, and verbs. I also fell in love with homonyms. I use homonyms a lot in my lyrics I want to be different from other people" says Fragg.

"I see the hate all in they face, so I rub it in they facial" is a lyric from KingFragg's "My Draco", and speaks to all the people who refuse to show KingFragg the love he deserves.

Proving all the hater's wrong, and securing his Rap Game legacy is all that seems to occupy the mind of KingFragg these days. His royal subjects would benefit greatly from recognizing greatness when it's looking them in the eye.

KingFragg - Royal Treatment

Looking up from his platter of Swamp Fries, KingFragg seems to be ironically content with how his style and music is received these days.

"I want to be different from other people and I think music helps me cope with my every day life. It helps me keep my mind steady and occupied. I stay busy, but I find time to do what I love. Music is my life."

The hit song "My Draco" is in stores now. Tap in with KingFragg on all social media outlets today.

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