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If you’re looking to get exposure for your latest project and seek to connect with a countless number of new potential fans and supporters, then the OringiWorld Global Promotional Package is for you!

Our Global Promotional Package lasts for the duration of one month per campaign and has our clients seeing an average increase of about 7- 10% in fan support, site traffic, and project exposure during the applicable campaign period.


We will provide you with the analytics of each campaign so that you and your artists can gauge its success. 

At this time, each artist project will require a separate Global Promotional Package (GPP) purchase.


The reason for this is due to the individual needs of each project campaign, i.e. all markets would not be applicable for a Country music album. Our team analyzes each project and customizes a campaign around it.


You may purchase the GPP through PayPal using this link: https://www.oringi.org/global-promotional-package

FYI For maximum campaign exposure we recommend promoting any project for three months. You can choose to have an album release campaign “roll-over” into the next month, unaltered, or we can create a new campaign based off of a different single from the album or EP for example.

The choice is totally up to you and there is no pressure from us in making a decision.

We look forward to assisting you! 

Kindest Regards,


If you have a music opportunity you’d like to be featured in the OringiWorld Newsletter or OringiWorld Artist Spotlight!, please email mr-oringi@oringi.org with your information and details about the artist or event.

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