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Written by - Mr. Oringi, January 16, 2019

It is a warm and humid day in Lagos, Nigeria, not far off from record setting temperatures, when faintly in the distance, the sound of a groove so tantalizing is heard, that you are immediately forced to begin tapping your feet and rocking your body to the rhythm.

What you are hearing is the new sound of Nigeria. Who you are hearing is International recording artist David Gegs.

A native son to Nigeria, David Gegs was born and raised in Lagos, one of Nigeria’s most forward thinking states, as well as its most populated at slightly over 16 million citizens.

Life has not always been peachy for young David Gegs. The loss of his father at an early age made David realize the importance of furthering his education so that he could one day financially assist his mother and five siblings.

Courageously conquering all of the obstacles that he has overcome, David will be the first to admit that there is still one goal on the horizon that has yet to be attained: nationwide recognition and appreciation for his electrifying brand of AfroPop music.

“Being from Lagos, we see it all man.” says David as he finalizes payment for an updated cellular phone plan at a local kiosk.

In a state with over 16 million citizens, and a constant influx of tourists each year, David Gegs has found himself in the perfect quagmire. David goes onto say, “There are so many people who call Lagos home that it is difficult to stand apart as an artist with something special to offer.”

Realizing this truth has been bittersweet for David as he climbs the ranks of the music industry.

Not signed to a major record label, David has continually hustled to attained the success he now enjoys. Working independently in the music industry has given him great insight and has allowed him to focus on building his brand the way he wants.

“I just went to give my song to a DJ. I paid him a nominal fee. He was grateful.” states David with a huge grin on his face.

“He was grateful and told me he would call me whenever there was a show so I can perform my songs”, he goes onto mention.

It is this sort of tenacity that has landed him some cool connections with players in the industry, and has lead the singer-songwriter to some pretty interesting places.

David Gegs, Live Performance 2018

Performing around the world has been a dream of Gegs since he was a child. Many of his top influences are American R&B artists like the legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson and new-school crooner Chris Brown.

Back home however, on any given day you will hear the sounds of AfroPop, Zanku, and AfroDance artists WizKid, Davido, and Wandecoal pumping out of his stereo. This eclectic mixture of sounds and styles has definitely influenced David Gegs to be the versatile artist he is today.

“The first time I heard David Gegs sing, I knew he was destined for greatness” says Joseph Adewale, a seasoned Bata drum player in Ibadan State, Nigeria.

Writing and producing songs that deeply touch the heart and soul, which also capture the reality of daily relationships, is something that David has mastered.

“‘Chidinma’ is the perfect song for placement on a Nollywood feature film soundtrack” says Adewale.


Hit songs like “Sho lé” and his upcoming release “Chidinma” really get the party started.

Listening to “Chidinma” is akin to driving along the coastline and taking in all of the refreshing sights and fragrances after a long week of work. “‘Chidinma’ is the perfect song for placement on a Nollywood feature film soundtrack” says Adewale.

Mesmerizing harmonies over crisp production, accentuated with a powerfully piercing lead vocal is the perfect recipe to get the attention of 16 million eager fans and loyal supporters; it is but only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on to the artistry of David Gegs.


In a lane all his own, David has managed to fuse traditional subject matter into his modernized productions. The result is a hard-hitting, but smooth AfroPop sound that serves as a voice for the men, and enjoyable entertainment for the ladies.

In fact, it is the ladies who are the motivation behind many of this rising star’s most influential songs.

For instance, the club banger “Low-Key”, is a song written by David which highlights his ability to comfortably speak to any woman while maintaining respect for her; in an attempt to take her on a date.

David Gegs is changing the Nigerian music scene one hit at a time.


Opening doors not only for himself, but for other artists after him, there is an active consensus amongst Nigerian recording artists that regional and local support is not given to artists looking to establish a foothold in the industry.

To combat this growing sentiment, David has begun outsourcing his talent and collaborating with artists all over the world. He is adamant that no one will stop him from achieving his most precious dream.

Furthermore, David Gegs has a catalog of new music projects set to release for 2019. Constant performances and community involvement have prepared him for this day.

“I got tons of hot singles in my head that I should be recording soon. I have really been looking for new and exciting venues to perform”, states David.

You can reach out to David Gegs in request to book his services on any of the available social media platforms in your area or at www.ORINGI.org today.

If you have a music opportunity you’d like to be featured in the OringiWorld Newsletter, please email mr-oringi@oringi.org with your information and details about the artist or event.

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