Bruno Mars Doesn’t Have A Manager?

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Written by - Shaun Letang, Staff Writer, January 28, 2019

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Hey everyone.

So as you may know, a couple years ago one of the biggest musicians in the world split with his manager.

You would have thought he’d get another manager to replace them right?


When Bruno Mars split with his manager, he didn’t do what he may have done 10 or so years ago (which is getting someone to replace the old one).

“When you’re a musician as big as Bruno Mars and bringing in multimillions of dollars every year, this is a HUGE saving.”

Instead what he did was hire a team of people who could do the job of a manager.

But here’s the smart part: instead of paying them a percentage cut like what a manager takes, instead he’s paying them a flat fee!!

When you’re a musician as big as Bruno Mars and bringing in multimillions of dollars every year, this is a HUGE saving.

No more percentage cut of everything Bruno makes; even if he has a really good year his ‘management’ expenses stays the same!!

So why is it relevant to you?

Should you not use a manager?

That’s not what I’m saying, managers still have their uses within the music industry.

But what I want you to look at is how times are changing.

Before if you wanted to be a professional musician you’d have to do certain things in a certain way.

But with a change in mindset about the music industry, as well as music business tools that can easily be used by anyone, musicians can now go pro without the resources once needed!

Bruno Mars decided to break away from the traditional music business model.

That said, he only broke away from the norm in one area: his management team.

As an independent musician there are many other ways where you can break away from the traditional music business model to increase your chances of having a successful music career.

I’ll be looking at those other ways in future newsletters, so stay subscribed and keep reading. :)

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That’s all for now, until next time folks.

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