Bella Gatewood: Diggin’ You

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Bella Gatewood: Diggin' You

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Written By - Mr. Oringi

A cool, crisp night complimented this evenings sweetest vibes.

Outside of the venue a lengthy line has formed, confirming to all in attendance that tonight, we are in for a treat.

Embracing the rumbling vibrations of a hard-hitting 808 bass drum shaking the venue walls outside, the growing line of club patrons seem content and happy to be in attendance.

Dressed to impress and feeling great, It is evident that the evening will be special as the pumping sounds of Electronic Dance Music gets louder the closer we are to the entrance door.

The vibes this venue emanates are clearly different. Club bouncers are usually the opposite of upbeat, but here at this club you are greeted with a smile.

I can’t help but wonder if all of this great energy has to do with “keeping a little faith”.

Now, we’re not talking about the “I hope I land that new gig” kind of faith; oh no. Very cool, but we’re looking for a slightly different response.

Let’s try a superstar International Recording Artist, band-mate, singer-songwriter, and composer who embraces the spotlight each and every time she graces the stage...

...We are referring to the reigning Queen Of SoulPop & ElectroSoul, the young woman with the voice purer than fresh mountain spring water: Ms. Bella Gatewood.

“I Never Waste A Second When I’m Trying To Make You Mine” - Bella G., “Diggin’ You”

An absolute genius, born with the gift of song, Bella Gatewood is boldly changing the soundscape of music while looking great doing it.

“Listening to a Bella G. playlist is like falling in love with music all over again!” proclaims Rita Morris as she nods her head to Bella’s latest hit single Diggin’ You.

A sense of timelessness comes to mind while listening to Bella’s music.

The current cultural landscape of the music industry is experiencing a metamorphosis unlike any era to come before.

With the advent of all sorts of technological solutions geared toward making music consumption easier for the listener, many Recording Artists have been forced to travel overseas in order to make a substantial living from their works.

Bella Gatewood+Midnight Avenue+OringiWorld
#PartyBand Midnight Avenue

Connecting Bella with the touring #partyband Midnight Avenue, has proven to be a huge success, as the live performance troupe has taken the UK by storm.

An artist like Bella Gatewood comes around when all of the stars and planets have aligned in the cosmos.

Never losing sight of her deepest aspirations, Bella has set out on her solo career.

Proving with each new release that her designation as Queen of both ElectroSoul & SoulPop is solidified for years to come, Bella also maintains her position as lead singer with Midnight Avenue, collaboratively creating and producing a hit show that has to be seen to be believed.

Midnight Avenue+Live Stage Performance+OringiWorld
#PartyBand Midnight Avenue Live On Stage

If this is your first introduction to Bella, prepare yourself for an experience in music you will never forget. Her arrival is meant to shake things up a bit, and oh how we love the ride!

“Diggin’ You” is a song about making one’s intent to be together known to a potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

The vulnerability and courage it takes to step to someone you seek a relationship with are paramount characteristics throughout the entire song.

With lines like “I Never Waste A Second When I’m Trying To Make You Mine”, Bella lets us know immediately that when it comes to relationships she isn’t one to waste time and play games.

Bella Gatewood+OringiWorld
Bella Gatewood

Balanced & grounded with a bold attitude, and desire to establish a loving relationship based on transparency, Bella has composed a song in “Diggin’ You” that resonates with all walks of life, both young and old, Baby Boomers to Millennial's alike.

“The high notes that Bella sang in each verse of ‘Diggin’ You’ were very natural and made me feel a sense of vulnerability, reserved only for that ‘special somebody’“ states Morris.

Bella then goes onto sing lines like “I want you all up in my grill!” & “I got yo attention now!”.

We are simply here to confirm that yes indeed she does have our attention!!!

Bella’s versatility is phenomenal. Her music is timeless.

Equipped with a gift for finding the groove within each song, Bella displays a level of mastery reserved for and recognized only in the greats.

Part of Bella’s appeal lay in her ability to connect with her fans & supporters.

Unique life choices partnered with opportunity have given way to Bella’s ability to write messages that resonate deeply with her listeners; the realization of Bella’s success globally is only a matter of time.

New music releases soon to be announced, touring internationally with Midnight Avenue, and remaining humble through it all, has provided Bella with a perspective many Recording Artists never realize for themselves.

With everyone who was outside waiting in line to enter the venue now comfortably seated, Bella and Midnight Avenue put on one heck of a show, as the audience watches in amazement.

Midnight Avenue+OringiWorld
#PartyBand Midnight Avenue Promotional Image

The song? “If I Was A Boy” by Beyoncé.

The vibe? It’s safe to say that greatness has just been witnessed when even your band-mates are in awe of your abilities.

Bella Gatewood & Midnight Avenue end their show to loud cheers and a standing ovation.

Taking her bow, the evidence of greatness has manifest.

Bella Gatewood is the Truth.

You can connect with Bella Gatewood on all social media platforms or at today.

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