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Written by - Mr. Oringi, January 15, 2019

Love. Courage. Unity of the People.

These are but a few of the tenets of Ekang Culture. François Essindi is its pioneering ambassador.

“In the dictionary next to the words “pioneer” and “trailblazer” should be pictures of François Essindi.” - R. Jones

"Representing a neighborhood is one thing. Representing a city is another thing. Representing an entire country is altogether something else!" states Danté Brand as he listens to Assomo (pronounced Ay-sah-Mo), the latest music release from François Essindi.

On any given day of the week, no matter the weather, you will find François Essindi engaged in doing what he loves; sharing and spreading the joy of Ekang Culture throughout the entire world. Teaching and guiding hundreds of students yearly has proven to Essindi that Ekang Culture is here to stay, but also that serious work must continue if the generations of the future are to share in its gifts.

The sound of François Essindi’s hit songAssomo” is a uniquely enthralling mixture of both Cameroonian traditional music & storytelling fused with modern sonic palette’s. The song “Assomo” is a “call to action” to come and join François on the wonderful journey of participating in Ekang Culture.

Capturing the essence of the West African nation of Cameroon, and transplanting it in Europe has been exciting for Essindi, as he has found much success in sharing and shaping Ekang Culture with the people of Europe, particularly the country of France.

Listening to five minutes of François Essindi speak is all it will take for you to realize the greatness and genius housed within the man.

As a multi-langual, multi-instrumentalist, overseer, and keeper of Ekang Culture, François Essindi is definitely qualified to share its gifts with the world.

The author of four children’s books, all written with that same special flare of live performance storytelling Essindi is recognized the world over for, has opened many doors, not only in his favor, but also for a countless number of musicians whom rely upon music festivals and traditional music workshops to make a living.

“In the dictionary next to the words ‘pioneer’ and ‘trailblazer’ should be pictures of François Essindi” says Ranae Jones, a young music enthusiast who recently learned about the François Essindi brand of worldwide traditional Ekang music. She wouldn’t be to remiss to think this either.

From lecturing worldwide on the subject of Ekang Culture, to traveling all across the globe in an effort to learn the cultures of others, Essindi is doing all in his power to preserve and protect Ekang Culture from disappearing from the world forever.

Photo: Hand-crafting and recreating Traditional Ekang musical instruments has been no small task for François, as he has transcended the practice of manufacturing Ekang instruments in his home lands of Cameroon, and relocated his productions to France, where the majority of his music workshops are held.

Originating from Cameroun, Ngounie, Gabon, the François Essindi brand has taken on a life of its own. He has literally traveled a long way to represent Ekang Culture, which he, his people, and his students believe is more than deserving of worldwide recognition.

Traveling the world has provided Essindi with insight to global affairs and how he should approach the many different people that cross his path daily. He has taken these experiences and have reflected their motivational and inspirational forces into his music and storytelling.

When asked how he intends to pass the desire to promote Ekang Culture to the next generation, François gracefully replied “I am living in the way our ancestors have spoken about, something which we always call immortality”. He goes on to say “I believe that we must do something around us so as to share these experiences with someone”.

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