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OringiWorld Digital Distribution makes transferring content easy. Our network allows for worldwide distribution of digital music and video formats.


Music and Video Distribution


We have the ultimate global reach, meaning your content will be available in over 800 stores in 130+ countries. You have full market scope with transparency at every stage of the process.


We set out to develop a system that was created specifically with content management in mind. Every effort has been made to ensure that metadata, media, royalties, analysis and reporting have all been simplified and streamlined. OringiWorld Digital Distribution makes for a smarter and more secure way to distribute your releases. We've been working in the music industry for over 15 years and understand the challenges faced by distributors.


There is no need to continue struggling with spreadsheets or juggling hard drives; we make transferring content easy. You will be in complete control of the process and do not need to give up significant royalty shares to middlemen.


The ability to manage multiple accounts means that collaboration is also more straightforward. Artists and labels will have separate accounts with different functionalities. Artists can upload content to be approved by their label, which in turn can be approved and submitted for distribution. You can also communicate with your team members and clients all from within the same interface.


Our detailed analytics make real-time usage data understandable. Up-to-date information is available from all of the major platforms and can be passed on to your sub-accounts.


How Does It Work:



Through OringiWorld Digital Distribution, distributors can effortlessly streamline their digital supply chain.

  1. Create and upload your releases and metadata,

  2. Choose which stores you'd like to distribute to,

  3. Choose the release date (including pre-order and instant gratification),

  4. Keep control of pricing structures,

  5. Deliver your music for verification,

  6. Analyse your sales and download reports,

  7. Collect your royalties.


Deliveries happen with 24-48 hours of upload and can even be live on stores within the same day.

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