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We know that royalty payouts can be a true mess in the music business. With OringiWorld Digital Distribution, that will not be a problem anymore!

Monthly payouts 

The payments are mostly made on a monthly basis and we do the accounting at the beginning of each month. Please be aware that some stores take longer to complete their accounting than others, as a result these payments may take longer. Please make sure you and your clients are aware about this to reduce any misunderstandings. See the overview below of some of the major stores that pay at different times:


Stores and Their Payments:

  • iTunes -> 2 months

  • Amazon -> 3 months

  • Spotify -> 3 months

  • Google Play ->3 months

  • Deeper -> 3 months

Please note that this is not a specific time. This can vary at any time, it’s not a set payout date.


Minimum payouts

Please do note that there are no minimum payouts to UK based clients. However, there is a minimum payout  of £10 for clients outside of the UK.

Western Union

All payments will be made through Western Union and its the only method of payouts that we use. There are no exceptions. We use Western Union because it’s a fast and secure way of doing payments, which is what we aim for our clients.


Do make sure you have a valid Western Union account because the payments can only be made to accounts that are fully signed up.

The Perks

What will also help you at OringiWorld Digital Distribution is that you always have the option to see what you have earned and will receive in royalties on a monthly basis. Want more information? You can contact us with the subject "accountings" and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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