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Learning to play this instrument will take some dedication, but with proper technique, you will be playing beautiful songs and melodies in no time.


What you want to do is first take a look at your ORINGI to get familiar with its construction and to also make sure that there are no cracks or blemishes that would affect airflow.


Once you have grown familiar with the instrument and have established that the ORINGI is in proper working condition, you will be ready to make a tune.


Begin by placing the roof-joint of the ORINGI directly under your bottom lip, resting it against the flat part of your chin.


The next step, and perhaps the “funnest”, is getting your first tone.


What you want to do us rest your bottom lip right above the ORINGI tone-hole; it is your controlled breathing in conjunction with the tone-hole which produces the beautiful sounds of the ORINGI.


Pucker up your lips as if you are about to blow bubbles into your favorite drink through a straw. Keeping all note-holes open, blow down into the tone-hole in a pure and smooth breath. You will hear a tone, high-pitched or low-pitched depending on what key your ORINGI is in. It is this type of controlled breathing which will allow you to express the different octaves that the ORINGI produces.


Once you have achieved your first tone, take a moment to are now an ORINGI player!!!


To establish what key your ORINGI is tuned to, simply cover all note-holes and blow a smooth and controlled breath into the tone-hole, making sure to keep your fingers covering all note-holes. The note produced from this exercise will produce the Fundamental Note of the ORINGI, also known as the "key" of the instrument.


One final note. It is important to take your time when first starting out; the last thing that we want is for you to get light-headed or pass out due to the attempt at getting your first sounds out of the ORINGI.


However, once you have achieved your first sound, you are ready to groove and play your first piece of ORINGI music!!!


The ORINGI is a versatile instrument that can play all kinds of music.


You will immediately be able to incorporate its sounds into your studio recordings, and live-shows, or simply play at home for your family; the joy and pure earth sounds that the ORINGI delivers is absolutely priceless, as we hope you will soon discover.


Please remember to share all of the beautiful sounds that you compose with anyone who will give you ear to listen!!!


Thank you for accepting the gift of ORINGI into your life, and for joining the ORINGI family!!!


With love always,

Olusanya Adewale Ogungbemi, aka Mr. ORINGI

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