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​How Do I Place An Order?​

It's simple! Just locate the ORINGI™ that you are looking to purchase, and choose what key (tuning) you would like us to send you. After we have received your order, we will process the request, and send out your ORINGI™ to be to you within 10-15 business days!

If you are looking to purchase any one of our other products, like T-shirts, please make sure that you choose the correctly sized tee for yourself, before finalizing your order. Thank you!


Payment & Shipping

All sales tax is included within the pricing of our products. The price associated with each product is what you, our valued customer will be paying, with sales tax taken from the retail price of the product upon purchase; there are no hidden costs or fees. Shipping costs are calculated based solely on the region that you request your product be sent to. For expedited shipping however, there will be an upcharge which is pre-determined by the package carrier company. 


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

For your convenience and security we have partnered with PayPal in order to ensure that your hard earned cash is being placed into the correct hands. All donations forwarded to are also handled by PayPal, so you can rest assured that your business, as well as financial information, will be handled with the upmost care. 


Returns & Refunds

All sales are final, except under special circumstances.

If we provide a guaranteed delivery date and a delivery attempt is not made by this date, we will refund any shipping fees associated with that order. Please keep in mind that bamboo is a very interesting plant, in that no two stalks are ever identical. The images posted in the ORINGI™ store, may differ from the actual ORINGI™ that you receive in your order. To inquire about a refund, please contact us and click "An Order I Placed." Follow the on-screen instructions, and be sure to provide us with your confirmation/order #. Be sure to title your request form "Shipping or delivery issues" in the request form header.  


Unfortunately, due to hygienic, as well as health and safety stipulations, once the ORINGI has been played we cannot accept it back in order to re-package and resale it to another one of our valued customers. Once you receive your ORINGI, and upon carefully removing it from its packaging, if the instrument should be too large or small for your hand-size, you may take a picture of the instrument with your cell-phone and email it back to our office. We will analyze the photo and decide whether the instrument has been placed up to the mouth and played. Upon determining the sincerity of the request for refund, we will gladly accept return of the instrument in EXCHANGE for a more suitable size. As our valued customer, you will have the time-span of FORTY-EIGHT (48) hours i.e. TWO DAYS from the date of receiving your ORINGI to provide us a clear, and well lighted picture for our careful consideration, and TWO WEEKS (14 business days) to return your package for a replacement ORINGI. You will also be responsible for all Shipping & Handling fees. 


Thank you for understanding.



Thank you for shopping with us!

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