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Direct & Sync Licensing Placements

Our administrations team works around the clock to secure exclusive and non-exclusive direct & sync licensing agreements found nowhere else.


We work closely with industry insiders who understand the importance of you retaining your independence, and who love sharing opportunities with artists who may not be privy to them otherwise. 


You can expect your content to be placed into numerous promotional campaigns with Fortune 500 companies, Film and Television divisions, as well as Radio promotional ads, if you decide to work with us.


In order to be eligible for Sync licensing you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your project must be opted in for digital distribution through OringiWorld Global Distribution (no physical only titles)

  • You must own the rights to your sound recording AND the publishing rights to the underlying composition in order to qualify for sync licensing.

The following types of audio are NOT eligible for sync licensing:

  • Cover songs and tributes

  • Remixes

  • Karaoke tracks

  • Any recording that contains samples, royalty-free beats, or factory preset loops

You can contact anyone at OringiWorld Digital Distribution for further information.

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