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Content Promotion Services to Get You heard


Radio & Billboard Charts Promotion; we promote your songs to mainstream radio and the Billboard charts.


Services include:

  • Mediabase Reporting

  • FM Radio Promotion

  • Internet Radio Promotion

  • Billboard Chart Registration & Promotion

  • International Record Pool Promotion

  • Social Media Blasts and Promotions


Our Marketing and Promotion services

Once you've arranged the perfect solution for distributing your digital music catalogue, it's time to get your clients' music heard by wider audiences.

You can work alongside our in-house marketing and promotion team. We will help you to increase your visibility and develop a positive reputation for your clients. Implementing a successful marketing and promotion strategy is instrumental for a successful release.


We know that it can be difficult to promote your clients the right way. But we believe that by working together with our team we can create a custom marketing campaign that works for everyone.


Marketing and promotion can take many forms and so we offer several solutions. We can promote your

clients to our contacts within local and national newspapers, online publications, local, national and international radio stations, and playlist curators. We also have close relationships with each of our distribution partners, which means we can look at opportunities for in-store promotion. Furthermore we can help to improve social media pages to start building an engaged audience.

We give every company an equal opportunity for promotion. Every campaign to relevant media outlets will run for a minimum of 4 weeks. A weekly report is also provided to ensure it is kept up to date of any progress. We’re always available through email and telephone, you will never be left in the dark during the campaign.


Our Terms


If you're interested in working with our team, please make sure you take into account that:

  • The music hasn't been released yet,

  • You have an active social media presence,

  • You have left enough lead time for us to plan an effective campaign.


For more information email us through the contact form with ‘Marketing Submission’ as the subject. We will review every submission and get back to you as soon as possible!

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