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 Why we love what we do is an organization of musicians dedicated to the restoration of traditional African-American culture in America.


Through the renaissance of culturally sound African-American music, our primary goal is to utilize our platform in an effort to restore music programs for school-aged children nationally and internationally, who have been the victims of government budget cuts world-wide.


We intend on facilitating this goal by donating our resources, time, and a percentage of our proceeds annually, in order to fill the void created due to these very budget cuts.


It is our ultimate hope here at, that you will share in our vision by purchasing an ORINGI product in order to assist in facilitating this great need for whom all of the world’s children will ultimately benefit. If you are unable to purchase an Oringi product, please donate whatever it is that you can; we greatly appreciate you.


Thank you for your time, compassion, and most importantly, your love and support, as we all move forward towards a better day together!


With love always,

Olusanya Adewale Ogungbemi, aka "Mr. Oringi"

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